Festcat - Síntesis de voz en catalán


Install instructions

From Ubuntu

There is a package source available ready for Ubuntu. This package source is compatible with Debian and derivatives.

Installation instructions:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:zeehio/festcat
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install festival-ca festvox-ca-ona-hts festcat-utils
    festcat_llegeix <<< "Demà esmorzaré torrades amb melmelada."

The first command adds our package source which contains the compiled voices and data.

Other distributions

  1. Install Festival-2.1.
  2. Install the basic package: upc_ca_base

    1. Download upc_ca_base
    2. ./configure && sudo make install. If ./configure was not able to find festival or speech-tools, the path should be specified manually. See ./configure --help for further details.
  3. Install a Catalan voice

    1. Download the voice (e.g: upc_ca_ona_hts).
    2. Decompress the downloaded .tgz file.
    3. Find out where the decompressed directory should be copied to. To do so, run: festival -b "(if (boundp 'datadir) (print datadir) (print libdir))". A directory (e.g: /usr/share/festival) will be returned.
    4. Copy the decompressed directory upc_ca_ona_hts to the directory $datadir/voices/catalan (e.g: /usr/share/festival/voices/catalan/upc_ca_ona_hts). You may need superuser rights to do this.
  4. Install festcat-utils (optional)
    1. Install the dependencies: id3, sox, file, csplit (from coreutils), iconv, perl, xclip, zenity, vorbiscomment (from vorbis-tools), grep, libhtsengine1, libhtsengine-dev.
    2. Download festcat-utils.
    3. ./configure && make && sudo make install
  5. Test that it is working: festcat_llegeix <<< "Demà esmorzaré torrades amb melmelada.".